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Signature Facial- A customized facial designed to revitalize, balance and create calm radiant skin. My signature facial includes deep cleansing, facial, neck ,shoulder, & foot  massage. Extractions, gentle exfoliation and customized masks or peel to leave your skin looking refreshed and radiant.



Microblading, which is often called microstroking, or blading for short, procedure that uses semi-permanent makeup to enhance the overall area. Microblading delivers fuller, more vibrant, perfectly sculpted eyebrows! is a show-stopping pair of natural looking eyebrows that ALWAYS looks.


When looking for Microblading in New Orleans, LA take comfort in knowing is being provided by a technician who is licensed, certified, and insured! most natural looking Microblading procedures in NOLA and beyond!

Ombré powder brows

  • Gentler to the skin than microblading

  • Lasts longer than microblading alone, especially on oily skin

  • Looks more shaded in for those who like to fill-in their brows 

  • Best for anyone with little to no brow hair"

Eyes and Brows
mciro shading


Clients who want an extra boost for their brows. Microblading in the front provides natural-looking hairstrokes, while Microshading adds a layer fill-in the space between the hairstrokes and helps brows last longer. up old brow tattoos and anyone who has “short” brows or missing “tails”.


(multiple session may be needed to lighten previous tattoo)

Eyebrows- $150(one session)



  • Brow Wax- (Hard or soft wax)

  • Brow wax Deluxe- Brow Shampoo, gentle brow exfoliation & brow wax (hard or soft wax) with optional brow fill in.

  • Under arm wax- (Hard or soft wax)


Eyelash Extensions

Say GOODBYE to clumpy mascara and HELLO to your newest addiction. Eyelash extensions can last up to 2-4 weeks with refills recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain a nice full look. A full set will take anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5hrs depending on the amount of natural lashes the client has. A refill will take anywhere from 1hr-2hrs.  All new clients must start with a full set at Bien Beauty Esthetic Salon

Rose’- One extension applied to the natural lash! Each look is Tailored to your individual need! Creating a full natural lash line! 

Moët and Chandon- Want to take your classic Lash extensions up a notch? Well we now have the option of a hybrid set a mix of classic and handmade volume lashes to give you that extra sparkle! 

Bellaire- Full Set of handmade Volume exstensions! Can be customized from 2- 8d! Extensions  are added to one natural lash! 🍾 Creating a Volume look! 

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